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About Us

SWPIG started on 7th December 1992 a committee was formed and chaired by Alma Hunt. Then in 2009 Monika Mitchell took over as chair with a committee of local members. We meet 4 times a year and fundraise to help the park’s success.

Glendale are the management contractors with Terry Morley as our gardener who keep Wells Park a beautiful Lewisham Park. It has a Green flag award.

History of Wells Park: In the 17th Century natural springs were discovered on which was once common land and found they had healing properties. Wells were dug mainly at the junction of Wells Park and Taylors Lane around which many cottages were built. The best know was Mill Cottage and it had a sign at the top of the pole saying Green Dragon. Crowds came to drink the bitter tasting spring water> King George III visited the wells on several occasions. The Park was opened in 1901 and the wells were filled in. Today the Park provides us with an ornamental garden, ponds and wildlife, tennis courts and a multi-purpose court, playground facilities with water play and a water feature and sensory garden.

The Green chain walk is marked through from Crystal Palace to Sydenham Hill Woods onto the Horniman.

There are Toilets open in the summer months and when the park keeper is there.